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Tube preamplifier SRPP 6111WA

Professionally made and soldered tube preamplifier in SRPP topology.
SRPP for tubes 6111WA.
Fully assembled.


High quality parts.
Double sided PCB (dimensions 142mm x 65mm),
Resistors: Beyschlag,
Capacitors: Rubycon, Samwha,
Output capacitors: PIO MBM 1uF/160V,
Fast diodes in anode bridge, Schottky diodes in heater bridge, LM1085.

Power supply - anode voltage and heater voltage are stabilized.
Heater power supply - is build with schottky diodes and low drop stabilizator LM1085 - minimum required AC supply voltage is 7.0V AC.

Preamp requires transformer with secondary voltages:
high: 150 - 180V
low: 7-9V
power: 20-40VA

Tube specifications:

Offer applies to:
- SRPP preamplifier + 2 tubes 6111WA Sylvania
+ documentation with circuit diagrams

This offer does not included transformer.

Interesting information:
Tubes 6111WA readily used by Audio Note.

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