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Universal PCB configuration with options SRPP or CCDA circuit for tubes
ECC88, E88CC, 6922, 6N2P, 6N6P and ECC81, ECC82 and ECC83.

Made professionally:
- Laminate FR4
- Copper Thickness: 70um
- Solder mask

PCB features:
Possibility installation:
- additional filter capacitor for anodes
- capacitor blocking cathode resistor
- protective diode in CCDA circuit
- rebalancing resistors

Different compare ECC88 and ECC81,82,83:
Heater PSU For ECC88 leg 9 is connected to the shield that separates triode in the tube - it can be shorted to ground.
For ECC81-83 leg 9 pin connected the center of the filament, so you can power the 12.6V (between legs 4-5) or 6.3V voltage (between 4-5 legs shorted and 9 leg).
See in last picture.

CCDA Circuit - constant-current-draw amplifier

Very interesting article, TDA1541 with CCDA output:

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