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PSU for tubes with adjustable anode and heater voltage
DIY design - Fully assembled with new componenets, tested, not used.
Small dimensions:
70mm x 85mm

The item can be used to build a tube pre-amplifier or build tube output stage in CD player.

In photos two wersion PSU:
with Zener diode: 140V + 130V (capacitors 385V) - regulated 200V - 270V
with Zener diode: 180V + 47V (capacitors 250V) - regulated 150V - 220V

Obviously It is the possibility to make PSU according to needs.

For sale:
DIY PSU for tubes ECC88 E88CC mini PCB adjustable anode voltage...

Anode PSU
Value output voltage and stabilization - by of Zener diodes - adjustment in the range of stabilized voltage Zener diode.
The value of the output voltage: 100V-300V or higher - depends on the value of:
- the Zener diodes,
- voltage electrolytic capacitors
- voltage transformer.

Ripple reduction based active filter with high-voltage MOSFET transistor (Toshiba K2608 or full isolated IRF830FP)
The power supply can be used to power the anodes of different tubes: ECC88, E88CC, 6N2P, 6N6P, ECC81, ECC82, ECC83, and so on...

Heater PSU 6.3V/1A
PSU is build with schottky diodes and LD1086 adjust stabilisator.
Minimum required AC supply input voltage is only 7.2V AC!
PSU have solution slow increasing circuit voltage executed by transistor and RC (soft start).

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