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DIY stereo premaplifier (common cathode)
for single triode EC88/E88C
+ pair tubes E88C SIEMENS (NOS)

DIY design - Fully assembled with new componenets, tested, not used.
The item can be used to build preamplifier or for output to CD player.

A single triode EC88 this is not the equivalent of a double triode ECC88
but this tubes are of very good quality (SIEMENS, TELEFUNKEN, MULLARD)
and costs is a fraction of the price of branded ECC88 ...
and very well strengthen the audio signal :)
Tubes EC88 (or EC86) are of very good quality because they were intended for uses high-frequency UHF
and their construction must be precise and accurate.

Some information:

Requires input DC voltages:
high (anode): 170 - 200V
low (heater): 6,3V
PCB in rear side have rebalancing resistors (2 x140ohm)

A properly assembled and connected system (as in the last photo) there is no ripple and hum.
With the amplifier is set to max in the speakers only hear the noise of tubes!!!

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