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Tube preamplifier SRPP ECC88 E88CC 6N2P + Stabilized power supply + transformer

Fully assembled and tested.

Professionally made and soldered tube preamplifier in SRPP topology.
For tubes ECC88 (E88CC) or 6N2P
High quality parts.

Stabilized power supply - anode voltage:
- 180V anode voltage
Stabilized power supply heater voltage:
- 6,3V heater voltage

Anode PSU
Value output voltage is stabilization by Zener diodes.
Ripple reduction based active filter with high-voltage transistor + CRC filter - 220R/470uF
The circuit psu has a resistor divider for lifting the tube filament voltage so that the voltage difference between the cathode and the filament was smaller
- which increases the life of the tubes in the system SRPP.

Heater PSU 6.3V/3A
PSU is build with schottky diodes (3A) and low drop stabilizator TS1084 (5A)
Minimum required AC supply input voltage is only 7.0V AC!
PSU have solution slow increasing circuit voltage executed by transistor and RC elements.

Transformer 35VA 230V
high: 160V - 0.08A
low: 6,5V - 2A

PCB PSU: 96mm x 122mm
PCB Preamp: 62mm x 142mm

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